Affiliate Reseller

Using your unique affiliate ID to send your network to our website, you will be paid on each successful sale. We track all website clicks, signups and conversions.

Get paid 10% on every successful sale.

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Product Reseller

You create your own hosting plans and packages. You also set your own prices, and we provide you with the servers and sample landing page with direct links to your products. This benefits all involved.

Sell customized Services!

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White Label Reseller

Your own prices and website and all collection goes through you, plus admin level management included. You recieve your own control panel.

Your Business, Our Services!!

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Reseller Benefits

How you too can benefit
as a Reseller!

With our reseller packages, you have your option to pick as many of the products we have to offer for your customers. It will definitely benefit all parties involved while making easy revenue streams. Our team will handle all provisioning and customer service for your customers.

We give you the needed tools that will generate your revenue.

  • Web Spaces
  • Blockchain Spaces
  • Metaverse Spaces
  • File Storage Spaces

Reseller Control Panel!



Our process is laid out for you in a very simplified manner. All statistics, reports, conversions, and activity is reported in a chart for easy to read.


Resellers may control all aspects of the customer activity to include customers, orders, pricing and data driven reports.


Within our many services are applications include Wordpress, Blockchain dApps, Wallet Names, Data Storage, NFT's and more.


Our Global Network spans 12 different countries. Our product offerings include Web Servers, Blockchain Nodes, IPFS File Storage, and more.

Plans & Pricing

Affiliate Reseller

$49 one time fee

Share our products and services with your network. Earn money for helping your network find their best web services.

  • Earn 10% on all products.
  • Monthly Distributions
  • Special URL Link
  • Signup Management
  • Customer Management
  • Easy to use!
Product Reseller


Easily create unique web hosting products, packages and discounts for your customers. Your offer on our platform.
We provide you a product website landing page to easily sell your products.

  • Set your own prices
  • Create Products / Groups
  • Special Landing Page
  • Special Support Groups
  • Offer Discounts
White Label Reseller


We provide you with your own dedicated web hosting website to direct your customers to purchase our web services directly from you. Completely white label. Fully automated. You set the prices, you collect the revenue. Your branding.

  • Web Hosting Website
  • Set your own prices
  • You Collect Payments
  • We handle all Support Tickets

Get Started

Global Data Spaces

Our team is here to help guide you through the process to ensure you have successful business selling the products and services we offer.
If you have questions or may be in the need of any help, please contact our sales team.

Need more help?

Our Team of Experts will help you build the right solution or find the right partner for your needs.


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